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Body Sculpting

*All new clients must purchase Introductory offer

Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation | $150

Permanent fat cell destruction using ultrasound technology. Pain free and no downtime! 

*Price includes consultation

Therma-Lift | $150

Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles, rebuild new collagen, and turn back the hands of time using radio frequency heat for face and body. Pain free and no downtime!

*Price includes consultation

Lipo Sculpt | $150

Penetrate fat at the deepest level and shrink fat cells with laser light. Pain free and no downtime!

*Price includes consultation

MED 360 | $250

5 fat busting and skin tightening technologies all in one device. Works great for any part of the body and highly recommended for cellulite. 

*Price includes consultation

Coming Soon

New products/services coming soon

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