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The Introductory Offer is for new clients only. This Treatment is for someone looking for a non invasive way to remove stubborn fat and/or tighten loose skin.

Treatment includes:

(A consultation and a full treatment in an area of your choice!)

Our Goals Counselors will customize your treatment based on your specific needs and you will be given up to 3 of the 5 following signature technologies: 

Ultrasonic fat cavitation 




MED 360

This is a limited time offer!


($300 Value)

VIP Introductory


This offer includes:

  • Consultation with a Goals Counselor

  • Any 3 technologies we offer in ADDITION to one treatment of our MDS Contour

  • Longer treatment time than regular intro offer 

  • 10% off retail products on day of visit

                               $ 199

($600 value)

*Does not include EON Laser

Not sure what to purchase? Book a free consulation 

Natural Beauty

 Beauty Bungalow

Face & Body Sculpting 

Beauty Bungalow Face and Body Sculpting understands that looking and feeling your best can boost confidence and change the way you take on life! Our goal is to help with those stubborn fat pockets, loose skin, and prevent the process of aging with our advanced technologies. Our team is trained to educate, and give customized treatments that cater to your specific needs! All new clients must purchase our introductory offer and during your consultation we can asses and recommend which treatments would work best for you.

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Our Offerings

Women in Swimsuit
Fat Cavitation
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MED 360
Model Applying Cream
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Two Women in Underwear
Lipo- Sculpt

Permanently destroy fat cells using our ultrasound technology to help reduce stubborn pockets of fat.

Heat energy is used to heat and remodel subdermal collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and tighten loose skin on the face or body

Non-invasive liposculpt paddles create pores in your fat cells causing them to shrink in size without effecting any other surrounding tissues

5 technologies in 1 device for fat burning and skin tightening. The device includes anti-cellulite roller massage, heat energy skin tightening, fat reduction through liposculpt, infrared therapy, and promotion of blood circulation to the treated area for optimum results.

Treat unwanted pockets of fat with the most efficient laser on the market. This non invasive treatment will get you results with just one 20 minutes treatment. Medical grade device proven to be the highest fat reduction device on the market for a single treatment


 Collaborations & Partners 

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